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 I live in Northfield, Minnesota.

I've been running Mill City Records since 1972.

My main profession for the last three decades was "computer consultant" which covered a lot of areas:

bulletWeb site design and maintenance, using Microsoft FrontPage.
bulletPROOFREADING - user manuals, on-line help, and web pages.  I have a pretty good knack for finding and fixing those little glitches in spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. before the public sees them.
bulletTraining - I've held a Minnesota Technical College teacher's license in both Microcomputer Applications and Related Communication.
bulletDatabase programming - dBASE and later MS Access.

I'd be happy to discuss any of these areas with you.  I'm mostly back to doing music these days, but feel free to drop me a line at alheigl@millcityrecords.com if you have an interesting project  that you could use some help with.

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