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Al Heigl P.O. Box 177
Northfield MN 55057
Phone: 507-663-6090


Objectives Contract and project work:
  Web page design and site checking
  User Documentation with zero errors -- no typos, no misspellings.
  Programming that makes the computer dance to your tune.
Education B.A., St. Olaf College, 1988, Speech/Theater/Communication.

Heath/Zenith Continuing Education – 41.5 CEUs including:
     Macro-88 Assembly Language
     Algebra Fundamentals
     Math for Science & Technology
     Assembly Language (8-bit)
     Advanced Microprocessors (16-bit)

Instructor, Minnesota Technical College System, 1990-2000.
     Microcomputer Support Specialist
     Related Communication
Courses Taught Minnesota Riverland Technical College, 1991.
     Substitute teacher, Business/Computers,
     Minnesota Correctional Facility - Faribault

Dakota County Technical College, 1990-1991.
     Introduction to the IBM PC
     Lotus 1-2-3 (Beginning)
     MS-DOS (Beginning)
     Troubleshooting your PC

Faribault Technical College, 1989.
     Introduction To Computers

Authoring Languages Websites: FrontPage
Programming: Intel 8080/80x86 Assembly, BASIC
Database: dBASE, MS Access
Systems: Heath/Zenith HDOS, CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows 95
Occupational Highlights Contract Beta Tester / Proofreader, 1988-.
     Hilgraeve, Inc. - Monroe, MI (HyperACCESS/5)
     Midisoft, Bellevue, WA - (Studio, Sheet Music)

Computer Programmer/Consultant, 1978-.
     Japs-Olson Co. - Data Entry package - 8080 ASM
     National Business Systems - Data Entry package - 8080 ASM
     CDR, Inc. - RAM Disk device drivers, move HDOS to RAM Disk
     Brede Inc. - Convention data entry/routing - BASICA, 8080 ASM
     Heath/Zenith - Most Accurate Clock programs & drivers - 8086 MASM
     Whole Note Music - mailing list package - dBASE
     Kroese L.L.C. - mailing list package - dBASE / MS Access
     Northfield Freezing Systems - database, Web page design/layout

Rates/Salary Negotiable -- by the year, by the hour, by the page, or by the project