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Al Heigl P.O. Box 177
Northfield MN 55057
Phone: 507-663-6090


Objectives Contract and project work:
  Web page design and site checking
  User Documentation with zero errors no typos, no misspellings.
  Programming that makes the computer dance to your tune.
Education B.A., St. Olaf College, 1988, Speech/Theater/Communication.

Heath/Zenith Continuing Education 41.5 CEUs including:
     Macro-88 Assembly Language
     Algebra Fundamentals
     Math for Science & Technology
     Assembly Language (8-bit)
     Advanced Microprocessors (16-bit)

Instructor, Minnesota Technical College System, 1990-2000.
     Microcomputer Support Specialist
     Related Communication
Courses Taught Minnesota Riverland Technical College, 1991.
     Substitute teacher, Business/Computers,
     Minnesota Correctional Facility - Faribault

Dakota County Technical College, 1990-1991.
     Introduction to the IBM PC
     Lotus 1-2-3 (Beginning)
     MS-DOS (Beginning)
     Troubleshooting your PC

Faribault Technical College, 1989.
     Introduction To Computers

Authoring Languages Websites: FrontPage
Programming: Intel 8080/80x86 Assembly, BASIC
Database: dBASE, MS Access
Systems: Heath/Zenith HDOS, CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows 95
Occupational Highlights Contract Beta Tester / Proofreader, 1988-.
     Hilgraeve, Inc. - Monroe, MI (HyperACCESS/5)
     Midisoft, Bellevue, WA - (Studio, Sheet Music)

Computer Programmer/Consultant, 1978-.
     Japs-Olson Co. - Data Entry package - 8080 ASM
     National Business Systems - Data Entry package - 8080 ASM
     CDR, Inc. - RAM Disk device drivers, move HDOS to RAM Disk
     Brede Inc. - Convention data entry/routing - BASICA, 8080 ASM
     Heath/Zenith - Most Accurate Clock programs & drivers - 8086 MASM
     Whole Note Music - mailing list package - dBASE
     Kroese L.L.C. - mailing list package - dBASE / MS Access
     Northfield Freezing Systems - database, Web page design/layout

Rates/Salary Negotiable by the year, by the hour, by the page, or by the project

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