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This is a sample of my "Guru Promo" flyer that I hand out around Northfield.  The original idea for this flyer was done a few years back by Doris Wagner.


Ailing Computer

Computer Help for Business
and Individuals

Traveling Guru for Hire

Professional people adept with computers are sometimes called gurus.  If you need help getting started, or learning something new, call me.  I’ll smooth your way without burdening your budget.  When you’re up and running fine, I'm still available for telephone support.

Samples of things I do well:
bulletSystem specification, setup, and training.   I don’t sell computers, but I do offer experienced advice about systems, installation, add-ons, and software.  I speak (and explain) the lingo; I know the sources.
bulletOptimizing your system.  Whether it’s brand new, or an older one, you can probably have more space, faster response time, and smoother operation.
bulletAccounting, time and billing.  It takes time and thought, but you’ll wonder how you ever did without computer recordkeeping.
bulletDatabase design and programming.  Don’t have time to figure out the hard stuff? I’ll do it, and make it easy for you.
bulletHard disk menuing.  "Point and shoot" operation to get what you want working without convoluted commands.
bulletNetworks, modems, spreadsheets, specialty software.  If I don’t have the total answer to your question, I probably know who (and what) to ask.
bulletThe Internet.  Good familiarity with browsers, e-mail and newsgroups, search engines, and how to keep track of it all.  Web site design with FrontPage 2002.

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24 years of experience, familiarity with most application software, and satisfied clients as references.

Former Licensed Instructor, Minnesota Technical College System, in both Microcomputer Applications and Related Communication.  Clear simple explanations of what you want (or need) to know.

Al Heigl

Mill City Records
507 / 663-6090

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