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All of my work has been done using Microsoft FrontPage.

Here are some Web sites that I've worked on:

Current Webmaster Projects:


Institute for Psychological Therapies - Contains 15 years of their scholarly journal - 1,422 pages with 34,943 hyperlinks (22,298 internal, 12,645 external), with 4,830 of those links directly into Amazon.com (so far).
Black Deeds in Black Robes - Also a website of the IPT.

Consulting & Past Projects:

The Liberator - this was my longest-running project. A bi-monthly 28-page tabloid-size newsletter that I put about half of onto the Web. Minimal graphics, mostly text, lots of links.  In July 1998, I re-designed the parent site (The Men's Defense Association - a "men's rights" outfit).
All-Flex - this was a makeover of an existing site.  Since totally redone in-house (with some problems).
KYMN Radio - up on 7/1/98.  This was another makeover, and was later redesigned, maintained, and updated by various station staff.
Viratec - retained to help the staff master FrontPage 98.
First State Bank of Castle Rock - Consulting assignment, helping their Webmaster with some of FrontPage 98's finer points.  Website taken down following a merger.
Lutherdale Bible Camp - now being done solely by the Lutherdale staff.
UltraPure - another makeover, down in Texas, for the owner of Northfield Culligan.  Since totally redone.
Poly-Tex - up on 6/18/98.   This was a total re-design of their existing site.  I also did a matching and linked site for their Panel-Pal product.  Now being done in-house.
Olson Law Firm - Twin Cities legal practice, closed due to retirement.
Country Inn of Northfield - IN 2002, Corporate headquarters decreed that franchisees can't have their own websites, so I've moved this to a demo section.
Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic - Set up this website and maintained it for a decade.
Minnesota Mensa - Created the original website in 1998 and maintained it for eight years or so.

Demos and freebies:

FINCA (Minnesota) - this was a demo I did by taking the design elements from their headquarters site and creating a section on the Minnesota satellite operation. They loved it, they were looking for funding, then their board voted to cease operations in Minnesota.
St. Olaf Class of 1966 - this was a freebie, for my alma mater and classmates.  Now shoehorned into the college's own style and navigation.


I also have had the following Midwest area Web sites under development over the years:
bulletStencilers Emporium
bulletBlue Ribbon Cleaning
bulletSMSQ Architects
bulletWebster Law Office
bulletStarr Design Group
bulletMill City Music
bulletGoetschel Enterprises L.L.C.
bulletTru-Tek, Inc.

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If you'd like some outside help with a Web site at some point, please keep
me in mind. I'm constantly looking for new challenges and different
types of sites to work on.

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